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John Lennon of the famous British Pop Group "The Beatles," famously said, “Life happens while we are making other plans.”  At Bay Park Baptist Church we recognize how busy life has become.  The “Covid Crisis” certainly did little to allow time for anything but simply surviving.  Now, as we emerge from what seems like a crazy period in World History, we find that people are facing all kinds of stress.  We believe that Church is the best place to find answers.


The fact remains that anxiety is at an all time high among the Canadian population.  Many people have had to embrace a new reality where their family has fractured, and peace of mind appears to be a thing of the past.  Some have lost employment and income, others have simply lost their way.

The people of our congregation follow the God of the Bible who is the true source of peace.

 We welcome you to our website and trust you will find some inspiration for life

in a “Post- Covid World.”  We are searching for answers as much as anyone 

Please come and join us as we celebrate Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and the High King of Heaven.

-Your Friends at Bay Park Baptist Church

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